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Omnisend – Share Wishlist Email

Wishlist Hero gives shoppers the ability to share their wishlists with friends and family. This email by default, is sent via Wishlist Hero.

A customer who is logged in to your store, will have the option to share their wishlist to anyone via email with a small message.

By clicking on ‘Send’, an email is sent out immediately.

Once the Omnisend integration is enabled and saved on Wishlist Hero Admin however, Wishlist Hero immediately stops sending these emails on your behalf. In order to keep sending out the authorization emails without break, you will need to have a Omnisend flow built in its place.

Setting up the Omnisend flow for this event is very simple. Create a flow on your Omnisend Dashboard for the event Wishlisthero-sharewishlist.

Pro Tip: In order to create a flow, you will first need the Wishlisthero-sharewishlist event recorded on Omnisend. Do this by triggering the event yourself. Try logging in to your store again and share your wishlist to record this event on Omnisend(refer to the first set of images).

While creating the email template, you can refer to this table that will give you the schema/merge tags that you can use inside the template, along with the values from the events.

Data Element
Element Label
Event Time
February 02, 2022 at 12:57 PM
Receiver Email
Sender Email
Sender Name
John Doe
Sender Message
Hey there! Check out My Wishlist!
Share URL